Busy Bee

Like bees in a beehive, we find ourselves constantly moving from one obligation to the next. The last time we allowed ourselves even a moment of solitude and disengagement from responsibilities feels like a distant memory. From meeting friends to meeting deadlines, we feel the need to be productive at any given moment. We have built routines that we lose ourselves in, and it causes us to drown out our surroundings. We are hardly ever in one location for long, and rarely appreciate what the space has to offer.

Recently a friend asked to meet us in a café, and told us to bring a book. We were honestly shocked. We were used to meeting friends briefly to eat, but never to just sit in each other’s presence. We went, and everything came into focus. We listened to the sounds of the busy café while watching the passersby, and had no other commitment. We became part of the space, instead of moving through it.

The time we spent in the café that day was only a few hours, but it stretched on in our minds. We were deeply present. Now when things are chaotic, we visit that space mentally. We remember how simple it is to feel connected with our surroundings and truly peaceful.

In fact, by doing nothing we’re pretty much there.

Sincerely Slow

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vancouver, bc

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