Graciously Attired

Meaningful connections are made with our garments when they become more than just a piece of clothing. A garment becomes an evocative object through its story and purpose–like its designer’s vision, its past wearer, its journey into our wardrobe, how it inspires us to feel, or what it helps us express.

Emotionally connecting to our clothing means we will more thoughtfully consume and care for it. Clothing with sentimental value is likely washed more carefully which improves its longevity. We might also mend our beloved apparel as it ages and wears, in hopes our bond will last. When we don’t connect with a garment any more, we pass it on to somebody else or find a second use.

When we as consumers genuinely care about our clothes, we are more likely to consider their materials and construction. We start to appreciate the value of authentic craftsmanship and quality. We purchase with new criteria that ensures the garment will last. Designers, manufacturers and retailers can work with the same goal and strive to produce clothing worthy and capable of being kept and treasured. By not rushing its conception, a product has a better opportunity at standing the test of time.

Relationships to clothing that reflect slow values are thoughtful, deliberate, meaningful and consider a garments past, present and future.

Sincerely Slow

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