“It’s not a perfect life, not an easy life, but a simple one.”

This month we had the pleasure of listening to Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus speak about their journey of living more deliberately and their discovery of minimalism. The two have embarked on a 100-city international tour to celebrate their new book, Everything That Remains, and lucky for us Vancouver was one of their destinations.

The two minimalists began by speaking honestly and humorously about their previous lives working in corporate companies. They were each making 6-figure salaries and paying to live luxurious lives, yet they found themselves unhappy and unsatisfied. The two believed that money would lead to happiness which instead lead them far into debt. For them chasing the American Dream was not only a stressful journey, but a costly one.

They then discussed their discovery of minimalism and how living with less gave them a life with more value and intention. With fewer meaningless objects in their lives, they paid more attention to meaningful relationships, interests and ambitions which, for Joshua and Ryan, lead to happiness.

Listening to the minimalists share their personal journeys with such passion was inspiring. Their stories reminded us to not seek happiness with money and things but to live our lives with value, passion and intention. As slow living advocates we share the same philosophy as the minimalists, in purchasing objects for quality and value over quantity. Together we are all letting go of excess possessions, obligations and time commitments, which leaves everything that remains.

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