Pen Pals

The Regional Assembly of Text invites the public to spend a night huddled over clacking typewriters. Take a look at their inspiration for creating a letter writing club.

When we first opened The Regional Assembly of Text in 2005, we knew we wanted to host a monthly event that was free & open to the public. We were eager to create an evening that would inspire, and also bring people of like mind together in our new neighbourhood.

Our store was inspired to create the letter writing club because our store focuses on text as a theme, and because we already had a large collection of typewriters, letter writing seemed like the perfect idea for a monthly event. We are also both passionate about sending and receiving mail, which made the decision even easier.

Most of the people who attend the Letter Writing Club are excited about using a typewriter. Either they have never used one before, or perhaps they remember using one when they were young and want to try out the old temperamental machines again. Each month we get an astounding number of newcomers and a fair number of regulars. I think what draws them to this event is the combination of attending a social gathering while also feeling encouraged and inspired to write letters again.

“There is a certain charm and satisfaction that comes with writing and receiving mail, one that is completely different from all other forms of communication and social interaction these days.”

For the most part, people hear about the Letter Writing Club either through a friend or from visiting the store. We have also been lucky enough to have received a great deal of press surrounding the evening, which has helped broadcast the event to a wider audience. Our website also has a ‘monthly reminders email sign up’ for those needing extra help remembering that we meet on the first Thursday of every month at 7pm in our Vancouver store at 3934 Main Street.

If you’ve never written on a typewriter before do not fear! Attend with no experience or supplies and feel welcomed.

Sincerely Brandy and Rebecca

co-founders of the regional assembly of text

sent from

vancouver, bc

spread the message.