It was several years ago travelling in Cusco, Peru where I first fell in love with traditional hand craft. The Peruvian women herd their own sheep and llamas, shear, dye and spin the wool. Then they weave beautiful designs on backstrap looms on the street, in the market or at their homes. For me, seeing a handcraft that had been used for centuries still being used was powerful. Each piece is unique, it has imperfections and it tells a story. These are things that have been lost in our industrial age. Fusion by Design strives to bring back artisanal work in hopes to resurrect traditional handcraft techniques from cultures around the world.

Communicating through clothing and design, like so many cultures do, is the inspirational force behind my collection for Fusion by Design. This collection is inspired by the Peruvian culture and their use of symbolism that has been handed down to them for centuries. The diamond shape, which symbolizes water, can be seen in the traditional hand weaving that accents the jacket and in the shape of the origami insets in the dress. These garments tell a story of the steps in its creation, from the sourcing of the fabric, design and pattern manipulation and finally to the owner. The story that the garment tells promotes the longevity of the piece through emo- tional attachment of the wearer.

Sincerely Amroe

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vancouver, bc

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