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Inspired by streetwear, made for the mountain, No· Cure was founded last August in response to the needs of snowboarders and skiers. With already producing ten hoodies (and counting) within a few months time, along with a website and promotional video in production, No· Cure is slowly increasing its presence as a clothing-line. We sat down with creators, Jasmine Hirtz and Sarah Fairweather, to learn about their journey towards creating custom apparel in Vancouver.

Where did the idea of No· Cure originate?
Sarah: It came from a conversation that Jas and I had over the summer. We were talking about Whistler, our friends and how they would wear Tall-T hoodies that were 100% cotton because they could not get anything else and they sacrificed quality for style. We realized there is nothing available that is of good quality with good style and we discovered a need for this group that we were close to. That is where it started–what if we made waterproof, Tall-T hoodies that are designed for skiing and snowboarding.

What about the customization process?
Jasmine: I think the idea of custom came because it is all made-to-order. So why not make it custom?
S: When I was doing research for my grad project on slow fashion, one of the questions I asked was, “How do you slow down fashion?” One of the things I came across was involving the end user in the design process.
J: Giving our users the ability to be a part of the process and incorporate their style into the design is something they absolutely love. I thought they would need help with the design of their hoodies, but when we printed out the designs and sent it to them, they took the reigns completely. We were very impressed.

Is it safe to say your audience gets excited about the custom design?
S: I think it is exciting for them because they never had the opportunity to design their own clothing. As designers we are able to do that all that time, but this was their first time really having that experience.
J: By being a part of the creative process, maybe they will feel a little bit more connected to their hoodie because they designed it. They only choose a couple of colours but they get very excited about it.

“By being a part of the creative process, maybe they will feel a little bit more connected to their hoodie because they designed it.”

Do you think you will eventually, not only co-create the colour choices with your users but also the style of your hoodies?
J: We are open to design for our users needs.
S: The hoodie evolves each time we make a new one for a new person because we would get different feedback.

The No· Cure values seem relevant to slow fashion. Was that something you kept in mind when creating the brand?
S: We are not intentionally slow fashion. The nature of what we are doing simply coincides with slow fashion values.
J: We wanted to create something that our users will really love and we are building something strong, durable and high quality. We wanted it to withstand the mountain and last quite a few seasons for this person to build memories in.
S: Our users are going to wear this almost everyday on the mountain until it falls off their body. Which is what is so great about snowboarding and skiing, there is no fast fashion about it. You have your pants until they are worn, you do not replace your clothing like you do your everyday wear. That is why when you buy a new jacket, you take your time picking the right one because it will be your jacket for quite a few seasons. Just the snow/ski mentality itself is slow fashion.

What advice would you give to those planning or in the middle of starting their own start-up?
S: I feel it is really common for people to start-up these apparel businesses but really, what are you doing differently and why is this important? When we started to work on No· Cure we thought to have our logo on t-shirts, on this and that and it became all about this branding. Then we realized that that is not what we do, that is not our purpose.
J: Our friend even said, why would you put your logo on another t-shirt? There has to be something special about it, something that would help your users.

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