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Slow Fashion Forward is an international organization that was launched in 2010 to help create a sustainable future for fashion. The way we currently produce and consume our clothing is unsustainable and it has far reaching ecological and social impacts. Knowing this, SFF aims to inspire fashion producers and consumers to be more aware of big picture, systems thinking, and adopt a slow, more conscious way of creating and consuming.

Our team met while studying our Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in Sweden, and gained in-depth knowledge of sustainability planning. SFF was co-founded soon after to share our knowledge of sustainability and our passion for a more responsible fashion industry.

We were inspired to take our collective experience in fashion, design, sustainability and leader- ship to facilitate educational workshops for designers and students and to provide business-con- sulting services. We also love to bring our local communities together to learn from SFF and each other, have fun and make positive change happen!

We believe people are motivated to be a part of the slow fashion movement because people are searching for quality, value and participation. Transparency in the fashion industry is bringing many issues to the forefront and people want to participate in a revolution of possibility and change. The old ‘fast-fashion’ paradigm is slowly losing its luster and people are simply looking for more meaningful ways to live. We promote our educational workshops and clothing swaps through the Slow Fashion Forward blog and social media. We also rely on friends and contacts to help spread the word on our upcoming events!

We host workshops and events in Barcelona, Chicago, Ottawa, Portland, OR and Vancouver. We hope to see you in one of our cities soon!

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