In the hustle and bustle of daily life we often feel disconnected from a meaningful form of bond; that between ourselves and the inanimate objects in our environment. Things like trees that line our daily route, chairs we sit upon, and the clothing we wear are often unconsidered. Perception of time effects the way we understand and appreciate our environment. Slow is to deliberately connect with our surroundings.

We had been dreaming of a public space dedicated to pace of life and this year it became a reality. We created a Pop-Up to Slow Down event titled: “Dear Wanderer, slow down to see the beauty.” For five evenings we hosted a slow space for conversation and connection. To help facilitate those interactions we sculpted, framed and displayed paper, plastic, aluminum, and wax paper. We chose mundane objects to hopefully remind our guests that beauty is all around, if only we took the time to realize.

During the event visitors had conversations and perspectives that are still inspiring us. Thank you to everyone who wandered into our event, supported us, shared stories, and took a moment to connect over the beauty that is all around.

Sincerely Slow

sent from

vancouver, bc

spread the message.